Ph.D. Students

  1. Chang-Beom Park, ¡°Real-Time 3D Pointing Gesture Recognition in Mobile Space with Cascade HMMs,¡± 2008. (Samsung Electronics)
  2. Hee-Deok Yang, ¡°Garbage Model Formulation for Sign Language Spotting with Conditional Random Fields,¡± 2008. (Chosun University)
  3. Mohi Ahmad, ¡°Human Action Recognition using Adaptable Energy Templates and Motion Description from Multiview Image Sequences,¡± 2008. (Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh)
  4. Myung-Cheol Roh, ¡°A Semi-Dynamic Bayesian Network for Human Gesture Recognition,¡± 2008. (Carnegie Mellon University)
  5. Sang-Woong Lee, ¡°Face Analysis and Recognition with Support Vector Data Description,¡± 2006. (Chosun University)
  6. Jeong-Seon Park, ¡°Automatic Reconstruction of High-Resolution Facial Image Using Extended Morphable Face Model,¡± 2005. (Chonnam National University)
  7. Sang-Cheol Park, ¡°Camera Motion Tracking with 3D Geometric Optical Flow Models,¡± 2004. (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
  8. Dihua Xi, ¡°Form Document Processing Based on 2-D Wavelet Transforms,¡± 2003. (University of Waterloo, Canada)
  9. Seong-Hoon Kang, ¡°Real-time Object Detection and Classification in Natural Outdoor Scene,¡± 2003. (Samsung Electronics)
  10. Bon-Woo Hwang, ¡°Face Reconstruction from Partial Information Based on a Morphable Face Model,¡± 2002. (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
  11. Hee-Seon Park, ¡°Hidden Markov Mesh Random Field: Theory and Its Application to Handwritten Character Recognition,¡± 1996. (Samsung Electronics)
  12. Hee-Heon Song, ¡°An Adaptive Strategy in Neural Tree Classifier for Large-set Pattern Classification,¡± 1995. (Andong National University)
M.S. Students
  1. Young-Myo Park, ¡°Image Bases Extraction based on Non-Negative Matrix Factorization to Reconstruct Visual Images,¡± 2011.
  2. Tae-Eui Kam, ¡°Adaptive Spatial Filter Selection on Time-Frequency Domain for EEG-based Multi-Class Motor Imagery Classification,¡± 2011.
  3. Ah-young Shin, ¡°Building a 3D Morphable Face Model based on Implicit Surfaces,¡± 2011.
  4. Nam-Gyou Cho, ¡°Adaptive Self-Occlusion Reasoning for 3D Human Pose Tracking from a Monocular Image Sequence,¡± 2011.
  5. Young-Mo Koo, ¡°Robust Hand Tracking based on Multiple Features from Fusion of Depth and Color Images,¡± 2010.
  6. Yuzhuo Wang, ¡°Incremental Sparse Pseudo-input Gaussian Process Regression,¡± 2010.
  7. Sun-Woo Kim, ¡°Human Action Recognition Based on Pose Distribution in Various Viewpoints,¡± 2010.
  8. Min-Sun Yoo, ¡°Stereo-based Human Upper Body Tracking using Mean-Shift Belief Propagation and Inverse Kinematics Constraints,¡± 2010.
  9. Young-Jin Park, ¡°Online Conditional Random Fields,¡± 2009.
  10. Dong-Cheol Heo, ¡°View Invariant Body Pose Estimation based on Biased Manifold Learning,¡± 2009.
  11. Woo-Seok Ahn, ¡°Robust 3D Hand Tracking based on A Coupled Particle Filter,¡± 2009.
  12. Sung-Ju Heo, ¡°Two-layered Bayesian Network for Real-Time Recognition of Continuous Hand Gestures,¡± 2009.
  13. Hye-Min Chang, ¡°Human Pose Estimation Based on Common Body Component Analysis,¡± 2008.
  14. Ji-Hong Lee, ¡°Real-Time Hand Pose Tracking and Finger Action Recognition Based on 3D Hand Modeling,¡± 2008.
  15. Seong-Sik Cho, ¡°Sign Language Spotting Based on Semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields,¡± 2008.
  16. Seung-Yeon Kang, ¡°A Logo Transition Detection Method for Opaque and Semi-Transparent TV Logo Recognition in Video,¡± 2008.
  17. Jung-Tae Bae, ¡°Adaptive Skin Segmentation based on Region Histogram of Color Quantization Map,¡± 2007.
  18. Ho-Keun Shin, ¡°Robust Gesture Recognition Based on Curvature Scale Space and Hidden Markov Models for Human-Robot Interaction,¡± 2006.
  19. Sung-Min Kim, ¡°Tracking 3D Human Body using Particle Filter in Moving Monocular Camera,¡± 2006.
  20. A-Yeon Park, ¡°Robust Spotting and Recognition of Continuous Whole Body Gestures,¡± 2005.
  21. Sin-Woo Kang, ¡°Protein Function Prediction using Protein-Protein Interaction Networks based on Hyper-geometric Distribution,¡± 2005.
  22. Song-Hyang Moon, ¡°Non-Iterative 3D Face Reconstruction Based on Photometric Stereo,¡± 2005.
  23. Sun-Kyoung Woo, ¡°Protein Structure Prediction using Combined Homology Information with Structure Similarity,¡± 2005.
  24. Ho-Cheol Jung, ¡°Authenticating Corrupted Photo Images Based on Noise Parameter Estimation,¡± 2004.
  25. Hye-Kyung Yoo, ¡°Spot Detection Method in 2D Electrophoresis Images Using Gradients of Spot Boundary,¡± 2004.
  26. Ki-Woon Kwon, ¡°Estimating 3D Object Coordinates from Markerless Scenes,¡± 2004.
  27. Kwang-Woo Lee, ¡°Automated Spot Segmentation for Microarray Images Based On Watershed Transformation,¡± 2004.
  28. Sang-Yun Lee, ¡°Protein Spot Matching Using Delaunay Triangulation and Affine Transformation in 2D Electrophoresis Gel Images,¡± 2004.
  29. Tae-Ku Kang, ¡°Classification of Human and Animal using Motion Energy Image,¡± 2004.
  30. Tae-Yong Kim, ¡°Accurate Object Contour Tracking Based on Boundary Edge Selection,¡± 2004.
  31. Dong-Whan Lee, ¡°Hierarchical Clustering of Gene Expression Data Based on Self Organizing Map,¡± 2003.
  32. Hee-Deok Yang, ¡°Automatic Pedestrian Detection and Tracking for Real-Time Video Surveillance,¡± 2003.
  33. Ju-Seog Yang, ¡°3D Face Model Reconstruction Based on a Morphable Face Model,¡± 2003.
  34. Myung-Cheol Roh, ¡°Performance Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms for a Korean Face Database,¡± 2003.
  35. Chan-Hyuk Lim, ¡°A Pedestrian Positioning Algorithm Using Stand-alone Global Positioning System and Digital Road Map,¡± 2002.
  36. Jae-Hee Jung, ¡°Design and Implementation of An Electronic Program Guide System based on TV Anytime Concept,¡± 2002.
  37. Sang-Ho Woo, ¡°One-class Least Square Support Vector Machine,¡± 2002.
  38. Seong-Hoon Lim, ¡°Robust Contour Tracking for Deformable Objects,¡± 2002.
  39. Song-Yi Han, ¡°Seamless Removal of Non-rigid Objects in Video Sequences,¡± 2002.
  40. Yu-Hwa Oh, ¡°Glasses Removal from Facial Images using Recursive PCA Reconstruction,¡± 2002.
  41. Gi-Taek Song, ¡°An Object Extraction Method Based on Histogram Clustering for Hypervideo,¡± 2001.
  42. Hee-Jeong Kim, ¡°OmniTracker: A System for Visual Surveillance and Tracking Using an Omni-Directional Camera and Multiple Active Pan¤ýTilt¤ýZoom Cameras,¡± 2001.
  43. Hyeong-Jin Son, ¡°An Effective Object Tracking Scheme for Interactive Video Authoring Tool,¡± 2001.
  44. Hye-Yeon Kim, ¡°Multi-View Face Synthesis from a Single Face Image using a Nonlinear Active Shape Model,¡± 2001.
  45. Sang-Soo Kim, ¡°Automatic Face Detection for Face-based Person Verification,¡± 2001.
  46. Sang-Woong Lee, ¡°Robust Method for Facial-Feature Extraction in Various Conditions,¡± 2001.
  47. Seong-Sik Han, ¡°Tracking of Multiple Regions using Global and Local Motion Vectors for Virtual Advertising System,¡± 2001.
  48. Seong Yu, ¡°Design and Implementation of a Virtual Image Insertion System using a Sports Field Model,¡± 2001.
  49. Yong-Beom Lee, ¡°An Algorithm for Measuring Similarities between Face Components based on Morphable Face Model,¡± 2001.
  50. Dae-Seok Ryu, ¡°Parameter-Independent Geometric Document Layout Analysis,¡± 2000.
  51. Hyeng-Seok Lee, ¡°Extraction of Camera Motion Parameters using the Linear Composition of Optical Flow Models,¡± 2000.
  52. Hyeong-Gi Roh, ¡°Multiple People Tracking using an Appearance Model based on Temporal Color,¡± 2000.
  53. Jae-Jin Kim, ¡°Design and Implementation of Streaming Hypervideo System using Scene Change Detection,¡± 2000.
  54. Ji-Yeon Lee, ¡°Automatic Generation of Structure Hyperdocuments from Multi-Column Document Images,¡± 2000.
  55. So-Man Kim, ¡°Design and Implementation of an MPEG-2 Non-Linear Editor in Client/Server Environment,¡± 2000.
  56. Song-Ha Choi, ¡°Region Tracking Using Perspective Motion Model,¡± 2000.
  57. Su-Won Sin, ¡°A Seamless Insertion of Virtual Objects into the Video of Sports Broadcast,¡± 2000.
  58. Young-Min Kim, ¡°Fast Scene Change Detection using Direct Feature Extraction from MPEG Compressed Videos,¡± 2000.
  59. Chang-Wook Lu, ¡°A Study on Face Detection and Recognition in MPEG Compressed Video,¡± 1999.
  60. Young-Gyu Im, ¡°Text Extraction using DCT Coefficients and Macroblock Types in MPEG Compressed Video,¡± 1999.
  61. Dae-In Kim, ¡°Automatic Evaluation of Handwriting Qualities of Handwritten Hangul Image Database,¡± 1998.
  62. Mi-Sook Lee, ¡°¼Ë °æ°è °ËÃâ ¹× Ä«¸Þ¶ó µ¿ÀÛ ºÐ¼®À» ÅëÇÑ ºñµð¿À ÀÚµ¿,¡± 1998.
  63. Doo-Sik Kim, ¡°ÀúÇØ»óµµ Æѽº ¹®¼­ ¿µ»óÀÇ ±¸Á¶ ºÐ¼® ¹× ÀνĿ¡ °üÇÑ ¿¬±¸,¡± 1997.
  64. Young-Joon Kim, ¡°Direct Extraction of Topographic Features for Gray Scale Character Recognition,¡± 1995.
  65. Eun-Soon Kim, ¡°Nonlinear Shape Restoration of Distorted Images with Coons Transformation,¡± 1994.
  66. Jeong-Seon Park, ¡°Adaptive Nonlinear Shape Matching for Unconstrained Handwritten Character Recognition,¡± 1994.
  67. Hee-Seon Park, ¡°On-line Chinese Character Recognition with Elastic Matching,¡± 1993.
  68. Dong-June Lee, ¡°A New Methodology for Gray-Scale Character Segmentation and Recognition,¡± 1992.
  69. Ki-Cheol Kim, ¡°Address Block Location on Handwritten Korean Envelopes by Merging and Splitting Method,¡± 1992.
Postdoctoral Fellows
  1. Han-Seong Lee, 2008-2008
  2. Hee-Deok Yang, 2008-2008
  3. Myung-Cheol Roh, 2008-2008
  4. Sung-Woo Choi, 2003-2004
  5. Igor T. Podlak, 2000-2003
  6. Jeong-Hoon Kim, 2001-2002
  7. Myeong-Hyeon Yoo, 2000-2002
  8. Chang Ahn, 1999-2000